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__author__ = "Johannes Köster"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2015-2019, Johannes Köster"
__email__ = ""
__license__ = "MIT"

import _io
import sys
import os
import subprocess as sp
import inspect
import shutil
import threading

from snakemake.utils import format
from snakemake.logging import logger
from snakemake.deployment import singularity
from snakemake.deployment.conda import Conda
import snakemake

__author__ = "Johannes Köster"

STDOUT = sys.stdout
if not isinstance(sys.stdout, _io.TextIOWrapper):
    # workaround for nosetest since it overwrites sys.stdout
    # in a strange way that does not work with Popen
    STDOUT = None

[docs]class shell: _process_args = {} _process_prefix = "" _process_suffix = "" _lock = threading.Lock() _processes = {}
[docs] @classmethod def get_executable(cls): return cls._process_args.get("executable", None)
[docs] @classmethod def check_output(cls, cmd, **kwargs): return sp.check_output( cmd, shell=True, executable=cls.get_executable(), **kwargs )
[docs] @classmethod def executable(cls, cmd): if == "posix" and not os.path.isabs(cmd): # always enforce absolute path cmd = shutil.which(cmd) if not cmd: raise WorkflowError( "Cannot set default shell {} because it " "is not available in your " "PATH.".format(cmd) ) if os.path.split(cmd)[-1] == "bash": cls._process_prefix = "set -euo pipefail; " cls._process_args["executable"] = cmd
[docs] @classmethod def prefix(cls, prefix): cls._process_prefix = format(prefix, stepout=2)
[docs] @classmethod def suffix(cls, suffix): cls._process_suffix = format(suffix, stepout=2)
[docs] @classmethod def kill(cls, jobid): with cls._lock: if jobid in cls._processes: cls._processes[jobid].kill() del cls._processes[jobid]
[docs] @classmethod def cleanup(cls): with cls._lock: cls._processes.clear()
def __new__( cls, cmd, *args, iterable=False, read=False, bench_record=None, **kwargs ): if "stepout" in kwargs: raise KeyError("Argument stepout is not allowed in shell command.") cmd = format(cmd, *args, stepout=2, **kwargs) context = inspect.currentframe().f_back.f_locals # add kwargs to context (overwriting the locals of the caller) context.update(kwargs) stdout = sp.PIPE if iterable or read else STDOUT close_fds = sys.platform != "win32" jobid = context.get("jobid") if not context.get("is_shell"): logger.shellcmd(cmd) env_prefix = "" conda_env = context.get("conda_env", None) singularity_img = context.get("singularity_img", None) env_modules = context.get("env_modules", None) shadow_dir = context.get("shadow_dir", None) cmd = "{} {} {}".format( cls._process_prefix, cmd.strip(), cls._process_suffix ).strip() if env_modules: cmd = env_modules.shellcmd(cmd)"Activating environment modules: {}".format(env_modules)) if conda_env: cmd = Conda(singularity_img).shellcmd(conda_env, cmd) if singularity_img: args = context.get("singularity_args", "") cmd = singularity.shellcmd( singularity_img, cmd, args, shell_executable=cls._process_args["executable"], container_workdir=shadow_dir, )"Activating singularity image {}".format(singularity_img)) if conda_env:"Activating conda environment: {}".format(conda_env)) proc = sp.Popen( cmd, bufsize=-1, shell=True, stdout=stdout, universal_newlines=iterable or None, close_fds=close_fds, **cls._process_args ) if jobid is not None: with cls._lock: cls._processes[jobid] = proc ret = None if iterable: return cls.iter_stdout(proc, cmd) if read: ret = if bench_record is not None: from snakemake.benchmark import benchmarked with benchmarked(, bench_record): retcode = proc.wait() else: retcode = proc.wait() if jobid is not None: with cls._lock: del cls._processes[jobid] if retcode: raise sp.CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd) return ret
[docs] @staticmethod def iter_stdout(proc, cmd): for l in proc.stdout: yield l[:-1] retcode = proc.wait() if retcode: raise sp.CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)
# set bash as default shell on posix compatible OS if == "posix": if not shutil.which("bash"): logger.warning( "Cannot set bash as default shell because it is not " "available in your PATH. Falling back to sh." ) if not shutil.which("sh"): logger.warning( "Cannot fall back to sh since it seems to be not " "available on this system. Using whatever is " "defined as default." ) else: shell.executable("sh") else: shell.executable("bash")