Change LogΒΆ

# Change Log

## [3.13.2] - 2017-06-20
### Changed
- The --wrapper-prefix flag now also affects where the corresponding environment definition is fetched from.
- Fix bug where empty output file list was recognized as containing duplicates (issue #574).

## [3.13.1] - 2017-06-20
### Changed
- Fix --conda-prefix to be passed to all jobs.
- Fix cleanup issue with scripts that fail to download.

## [3.13.0] - 2017-06-12
### Added
- An NCBI remote provider. By this, you can seamlessly integrate any NCBI resouce (reference genome, gene/protein sequences, ...) as input file.
### Changed
- Snakemake now detects if automatically generated conda environments have to be recreated because the workflow has been moved to a new path.
- Remote functionality has been made more robust, in particular to avoid race conditions.
- `--config` parameter evaluation has been fixed for non-string types.
- The Snakemake docker container is now based on the official debian image.

## [3.12.0] - 2017-05-09
### Added
- Support for RMarkdown (.Rmd) in script directives.
- New option --debug-dag that prints all decisions while building the DAG of jobs. This helps to debug problems like cycles or unexpected MissingInputExceptions.
- New option --conda-prefix to specify the place where conda environments are stored.

### Changed
- Benchmark files now also include the maximal RSS and VMS size of the Snakemake process and all sub processes.
- Speedup conda environment creation.
- Allow specification, of DRMAA log dir.
- Pass cluster config to subworkflow.

## [3.11.2] - 2017-03-15
### Changed
- Fixed fix handling of local URIs with the wrapper directive.

## [3.11.1] - 2017-03-14
### Changed
- --touch ignores missing files
- Fixed handling of local URIs with the wrapper directive.

## [3.11.0] - 2017-03-08
### Added
- Param functions can now also refer to threads.
### Changed
- Improved tutorial and docs.
- Made conda integration more robust.
- None is converted to NULL in R scripts.

## [3.10.2] - 2017-02-28
### Changed
- Improved config file handling and merging.
- Output files can be referred in params functions (i.e. lambda wildcards, output: ...)
- Improved conda-environment creation.
- Jobs are cached, leading to reduced memory footprint.
- Fixed subworkflow handling in input functions.

## [3.10.0] - 2017-01-18
### Added
- Workflows can now be archived to a tarball with `snakemake --archive my-workflow.tar.gz`. The archive contains all input files, source code versioned with git and all software packages that are defined via conda environments. Hence, the archive allows to fully reproduce a workflow on a different machine. Such an archive can be uploaded to Zenodo, such that your workflow is secured in a self-contained, executable way for the future.
### Changed
- Improved logging.
- Reduced memory footprint.
- Added a flag to automatically unpack the output of input functions.
- Improved handling of HTTP redirects with remote files.
- Improved exception handling with DRMAA.
- Scripts referred by the script directive can now use locally defined external python modules.

## [3.9.1] - 2016-12-23
### Added
- Jobs can be restarted upon failure (--restart-times).
### Changed
- The docs have been restructured and improved. Now available under
- Changes in scripts show up with --list-code-changes.
- Duplicate output files now cause an error.
- Various bug fixes.

## [3.9.0] - 2016-11-15
### Added
- Ability to define isolated conda software environments (YAML) per rule. Environment will be deployed by Snakemake upon workflow execution.
- Command line argument --wrapper-prefix in order to overwrite the default URL for looking up wrapper scripts.
### Changed
- --summary now displays the log files correspoding to each output file.
- Fixed hangups when using run directive and a large number of jobs
- Fixed pickling errors with anonymous rules and run directive.
- Various small bug fixes

## [3.8.2] - 2016-09-23
### Changed
- Add missing import in
- Use threading only in cluster jobs.

## [3.8.1] - 2016-09-14
### Changed
- Snakemake now warns when using relative paths starting with "./".
- The option -R now also accepts an empty list of arguments.
- Bug fix when handling benchmark directive.
- Jobscripts exit with code 1 in case of failure. This should improve the error messages of cluster system.
- Fixed a bug in SFTP remote provider.

## [3.8.0] - 2016-08-26
### Added
- Wildcards can now be constrained by rule and globally via the new `wildcard_constraints` directive (see the [docs](
- Subworkflows now allow to overwrite their config file via the configfile directive in the calling Snakefile.
- A method `log_fmt_shell` in the snakemake proxy object that is available in scripts and wrappers allows to obtain a formatted string to redirect logging output from STDOUT or STDERR.
- Functions given to resources can now optionally contain an additional argument `input` that refers to the input files.
- Functions given to params can now optionally contain additional arguments `input` (see above) and `resources`. The latter refers to the resources.
- It is now possible to let items in shell commands be automatically quoted (see the [docs]( This is usefull when dealing with filenames that contain whitespaces.
### Changed
- Snakemake now deletes output files before job exection. Further, it touches output files after job execution. This solves various problems with slow NFS filesystems.
- A bug was fixed that caused dynamic output rules to be executed multiple times when forcing their execution with -R.
- A bug causing double uploads with remote files was fixed. Various additional bug fixes related to remote files.
- Various minor bug fixes.

## [3.7.1] - 2016-05-16
### Changed
- Fixed a missing import of the multiprocessing module.

## [3.7.0] - 2016-05-05
### Added
- The entries in `resources` and the `threads` job attribute can now be callables that must return `int` values.
- Multiple `--cluster-config` arguments can be given to the Snakemake command line. Later one override earlier ones.
- In the API, multiple `cluster_config` paths can be given as a list, alternatively to the previous behaviour of expecting one string for this parameter.
- When submitting cluster jobs (either through `--cluster` or `--drmaa`), you can now use `--max-jobs-per-second` to limit the number of jobs being submitted (also available through Snakemake API). Some cluster installations have problems with too many jobs per second.
- Wildcard values are now printed upon job execution in addition to input and output files.
### Changed
- Fixed a bug with HTTP remote providers.

## [3.6.1] - 2016-04-08
### Changed
- Work around missing RecursionError in Python < 3.5
- Improved conversion of numpy and pandas data structures to R scripts.
- Fixed locking of working directory.

## [3.6.0] - 2016-03-10
### Added
- onstart handler, that allows to add code that shall be only executed before the actual workflow execution (not on dryrun).
- Parameters defined in the cluster config file are now accessible in the job properties under the key "cluster".
- The wrapper directive can be considered stable.
### Changed
- Allow to use rule/job parameters with braces notation in cluster config.
- Show a proper error message in case of recursion errors.
- Remove non-empty temp dirs.
- Don't set the process group of Snakemake in order to allow kill signals from parent processes to be propagated.
- Fixed various corner case bugs.
- The params directive no longer converts a list ``l`` implicitly to ``" ".join(l)``.

## [3.5.5] - 2016-01-23
### Added
- New experimental wrapper directive, which allows to refer to re-usable [wrapper scripts]( Wrappers are provided in the [Snakemake Wrapper Repository](
- David Koppstein implemented two new command line options to constrain the execution of the DAG of job to sub-DAGs (--until and --omit-from).
### Changed
- Fixed various bugs, e.g. with shadow jobs and --latency-wait.

## [3.5.4] - 2015-12-04
### Changed
- The params directive now fully supports non-string parameters. Several bugs in the remote support were fixed.

## [3.5.3] - 2015-11-24
### Changed
- The missing remote module was added to the package.

## [3.5.2] - 2015-11-24
### Added
- Support for easy integration of external R and Python scripts via the new [script directive](
- Chris Tomkins-Tinch has implemented support for remote files: Snakemake can now handle input and output files from Amazon S3, Google Storage, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and Dropbox.
- Simon Ye has implemented support for sandboxing jobs with [shadow rules](
### Changed
- Manuel Holtgrewe has fixed dynamic output files in combination with mutliple wildcards.
- It is now possible to add suffixes to all shell commands with shell.suffix("mysuffix").
- Job execution has been refactored to spawn processes only when necessary, resolving several problems in combination with huge workflows consisting of thousands of jobs and reducing the memory footprint.
- In order to reflect the new collaborative development model, Snakemake has moved from my personal bitbucket account to

## [3.4.2] - 2015-09-12
### Changed
- Willem Ligtenberg has reduced the memory usage of Snakemake.
- Per Unneberg has improved config file handling to provide a more intuitive overwrite behavior.
- Simon Ye has improved the test suite of Snakemake and helped with setting up continuous integration via Codeship.
- The cluster implementation has been rewritten to use only a single thread to wait for jobs. This avoids failures with large numbers of jobs.
- Benchmarks are now writing tab-delimited text files instead of JSON.
- Snakemake now always requires to set the number of jobs with -j when in cluster mode. Set this to a high value if your cluster does not have restrictions.
- The Snakemake Conda package has been moved to the bioconda channel.
- The handling of Symlinks was improved, which made a switch to Python 3.3 as the minimum required Python version necessary.

## [3.4.1] - 2015-08-05
### Changed
- This release fixes a bug that caused named input or output files to always be returned as lists instead of single files.

## [3.4] - 2015-07-18
### Added
- This release adds support for executing jobs on clusters in synchronous mode (e.g. qsub -sync). Thanks to David Alexander for implementing this.
- There is now vim syntax highlighting support (thanks to Jay Hesselberth).
- Snakemake is now available as Conda package.
### Changed
- Lots of bugs have been fixed. Thanks go to e.g. David Koppstein, Marcel Martin, John Huddleston and Tao Wen for helping with useful reports and debugging.

See [here]( for older changes.