Citing and Citations

This section gives instructions on how to cite Snakemake and lists citing articles.

Citing Snakemake

When using Snakemake for a publication, please cite the following article in you paper:

Mölder, F., Jablonski, K.P., Letcher, B., Hall, M.B., Tomkins-Tinch, C.H., Sochat, V., Forster, J., Lee, S., Twardziok, S.O., Kanitz, A., Wilm, A., Holtgrewe, M., Rahmann, S., Nahnsen, S., Köster, J., 2021. Sustainable data analysis with Snakemake. F1000Res 10, 33.

This “rolling” paper will be regularly updated when Snakemake receives new features.

Project Pages

If you publish a Snakemake workflow, consider to add this badge to your project page:≥5.6.0-brightgreen.svg?style=flat

The markdown syntax is


Replace the 5.6.0 with the minimum required Snakemake version. You can also change the style.